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Based on the CSD101 Studio Desk the CSD202 desk is a sleeker slightly smaller version it is the same width as the bigger desk but with a stealthier look but it still has enough space for the most demanding music producer. The desk has 2x5u rack space on either side 10 slots in total these are angled up to face you as you sit at the desk all in easy reach, 2 pairs of rack strips and 8x rack nuts and bolts are also supplied with every desk.

The rear shelf is perfect for your monitor screen and can be fitted at desk level or higher if you wish it is more than capable of holding multiple screens or single widescreens. An additional two shelves above the rack sections provide space for your monitor speakers. Our standard colour scheme is black and grey both colours have a very subtle metallic in them, other colours such as black legs and white gloss desk are available at extra cost.


Dimensions and product information


  • The overall width of the desk is 2430mm (left to right)
  • Front straight edge width is 1020mm
  • Top two shelves are 250mm deep
  • Left and right sections are 500mm wide and 400mm deep
  • Main desk area is 595mm deep (front to back)
  • Long rear shelf depth 250mm
  • Height to desk surface is 755mm
  • Height to rear shelves above racks is 900mm
  • Height to long rear shelf this can be specified by the customer but as standard is desk level (750mm) or approximately 850mm